The Geography department aims to:

• Provide a wide and diverse curriculum for all learners.
• Make students aware of the local, national and global issues that affect us, the part that we play in causing them, and what we can do to help combat them.
• Provide a wide range of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom
• Provide students with the necessary Geographical and cross-curricular skills to be successful at their current Key stage and in the future
• Inform students how they can be active citizens in our Modern World
• Ensure that EVERY student has the opportunity to achieve and succeed.
• Give every student the opportunity to experience different places both in the UK and beyond
• Provide a residential fieldwork experience for all Geography examination students

Why study Geography?

It can help you to...
• develop a knowledge and understanding of current events from the local area to the global.
• investigate the earth and its peoples.
• study the features of the earth - such as mountains, rivers and seas - and how they were formed
• develop a range of useful skills such as map reading, data collection, ICT and problem solving.
• gain an understanding and appreciation of the cultures and backgrounds of people from all over the world

Topics studied across all key stages include:
• Climate change
• Volcanoes and earthquakes
• The 2004 Asian tsunami
• Tourism
• Coasts
• Rivers
• Weather Hazards {floods and Hurricane Katrina)
• Ecosystems {Tropical rainforests and Savannah)
• Globalisation and the digital age
• Population and resources
• Plus much more...

The Geography Department are:
Mrs N Forrest - Head of Faculty - Humanities
Mr M Booth - Subject Leader