PE 2

PE Kit:

  • White sports tshirt with Academy logo
  • Black shorts with Academy logo (summer)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with Academy logo (winter)
  • Black tracksuit top with Academy logo (winter)
  • Trainers

The PE Kit can be purchased here. (

Students should bring the appropriate PE kit to every PE lesson. If they are suffering with injury or illness and are unable to participate, they should bring a note from home which is signed by a parent or guardian. They are still expected to bring appropriate kit to change into and support the lesson.
Should students choose not to participate and not to bring a note they will be allocated a C1. They will be offered the chance to borrow alternative clean kit. Should they refuse, students will be issued with a C2 and placed in another PE group. 

It is indeed a very exciting time within the PE department at Balby Carr. We are now staffed by 10 Full Time Physical Education Specialists. Along with a Partnership Development Manager and Community/Football Development Manager. Our facilities have continued to grow to meet the ever increasing demands of the students and local community. These include; an indoor Rowing facility, which is the home base of Doncaster Rowing Club, a brand new state of the art 'Spinning Room', an Interactive Sports Analysis Centre (ISAC) a large modern Sports Hall and Gymnasium, a dance studio, a floodlit Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), Outdoor Basketball Courts, a full size 3rd generation astro pitch with brand new changing rooms, sports therapy and reception area. We have also recently spent over a quarter of a million pounds on re draining our outdoor pitches which now include 2 rugby pitches and 8 football pitches of different sizes. 

The department are forward thinking and innovative and constantly achieve results at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 that exceed the national average. A truly outstanding achievement. This is a result of excellent teaching as highlighted in the 2007 Ofsted report but more importantly the dedication and commitment showed by all students to their PE studies.

The Aims
• To provide a broad and balanced Physical Education Curriculum which is progressive, stimulating and challenging, and differentiated to suit every individual.
• To provide all students with the opportunity to gain a form of accreditation within the subject this reflects their ability and hard work.
• To encourage students to participate in a committed, fair and enthusiastic manner.
• To develop a childís ability to effectively plan, perform and evaluate their own work, and that of others ñ to achieve the learning outcomes.
• To create an environment where all students have the opportunity to become Sports Leaders throughout all Key Stages.
• To provide a framework for student self-assessment which monitors progress and rewards success.
• To create a consistent, sympathetic environment where students can see good examples of personal care, courtesy, mutual trust and understanding, respect and generally responsible behavior.
• To provide a broad and balanced range of extra curricular activities.
• To develop a partnership between Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College, the community and feeder schools.


Key Stage 3
In key stage 3, students receive 2 hours and 30 minutes worth of PE each week. At key stage 3 students are taught a variety of activities; this includes both traditional and non traditional sports. Our PE lessons examine all aspects of sport including performing, officiating and coaching as we believe there is a place for every individual within sport and PE. Students are taught in single sex groups and are closely monitored in order to help each child succeed and achieve their full potential. Throughout key stage 3 students have the opportunity to take part in a number of extra curricular clubs, this includes regular competitions and fixtures with other schools.

Key Stage 4
In key stage 4 all students follow either the BTEC 1st Diploma in Sport, BTEC Certificate, the Certificate of Achievement or the Princess Trust Award. They also have access to many different coaching awards. There is also a high quality ëFast Trackí group who study one of the above awards a full year early.

Post 16 Education
At post 16 students have the opportunity to opt for 'A'/'AS' Level Sport and Physical Education or BTEC National in Sport and Performance. We offer coaching and leadership awards (JSLA, CSLA, and HSLA) and National Governing body awards. We pride ourselves on the quality of the young leaders we produce in the 6th form and throughout all Key Stages. We also now run specialist Academies of Sport in Rowing, Boxing, Trampolining, Girls Football, Golf and Boys Football. This allows students to access top quality coaching in their chosen sport as well as receiving a Level three education. A very high percentage of our post 16 students go onto their first chose university either in the UK or Abroad.

The provision of extra curricular activities is a fundamental part of the departmentís work across all key stages. There are numerous clubs and practices held with the aim to develop all students' achievements within the subject. Development also involves extensive work within feeder schools to deliver a full range of extra curricular clubs and practices available to younger students.

Physical Education clubs and practices include:
Badminton, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Rowing, Trampolining, Gymnastics, Dance, Squash, Tennis, Rounderís, Athletics, Table Tennis and Volleyball, Rocketball, Kite Flying and Ultimate Frisbee.

We also have excellent links with various local sports clubs that give excellent pathways for our students. These include Doncaster Flyers Trampoline club, Doncaster Rowing Club, Doncaster Belles, Doncaster Rovers and many more.

The Physical Education Department are:
Mr S Clark - Head of Faculty - Performance
Miss J Bain, Mr M Dye, Mr S Andrew, Miss L Geldart, Mr R Lewis, Mr S McClune, Mr J Gittins, Mr D Watson & Miss C O'Grady