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We know how important it is to, not only learn about a subject, but to 'learn how to learn' and to want to continue to learn. We take pride in being a dynamic and pro-active Department with strong and dedicated staff, devoted to the wide range of subjects we cover. Our teachers and support staff are very supportive of each other, sharing responsibilities, ideas and good practice. The Department has a reputation for winning regional and national competitions. All of the department staff have very high expectations of both students and themselves. Indeed, students have high expectations of the staff. Studentsí progress is closely monitored and fed back as we work in partnership with both students and parents to ensure that studentsí full potential is realised. Students take great pride in their work and staff take great pride in their studentsí achievements. Technology is ideal to promote progressive learning and reflective thinking. It generates opportunities for creativity; imaginative thinking; innovation and problem solving. There is an abundance of cross-curricular links to other subjects. Students develop and use their designing and making skills to satisfy needs and opportunities. They consider: industrial practices; moral and social issues; improving society and peoplesí lives; improving the environment. Our students emerge equipped to participate in the increasingly fast-changing technologies of the day.

Key Stage 3
In Year 7 students experience Technology in a new and exciting way by rotating around all of the subject specialisms the department have to offer. They start the year by learning the key skills required to make the most of their KS3 experience with us which then leads them into four modules focussing in on Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Graphics, ICT in Technology (CAD) and Textiles.

Y7 - The first term for Year 7 is the Technology Launchpad project.  Graphics, Resistant Materials, Food, Textiles, CAD (ICT in Technology)
Y8 - Graphics, Resistant Materials, Food, Textiles, CAD (ICT in Technology)

Key Stage 4
Students make an informed choice about their GCSE options in year 8 which they study at GCSE level for the duration of year 9. Students also have the option to apply for a vocational pathway to replace their core Technology GCSE for study during Yr10-11.

Y9 to Y11 - Core Technology Option: GCSE product Design; GCSE Food and Nutrition; BTEC Health and Social Care; BTEC Construction    

Key Stage 5
The department also offer a range of post 16 courses to further the education of our students.

Y12 - Product Design: Graphic Products
(AS Levels) - Product Design: Textiles
(AS Levels) - Construction (1st Diploma), Health and Social Care
Y13 Product Design: Graphic Products
(A2 Level) Product Design: Textiles
(A2 Level)    Health and Social Care

The Technology Department are:
Head of Faculty - Mr I Thomas
Teachers of Technology - Mr I Thomas, Mrs A Duffield, Miss F Brigham, Mr A Hartley, Mr A North & Mrs P Davidson